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Frequenty Asked Questions
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Who wrote this site? / Who should I credit in my report/book/article?
C. Shepard authored this site. I am an award-winning screenwriter and author. I graduated from Glendale Community College with Honors, receiving an Associate Arts degree with emphasis on Film and Forensics. This site is housed under the non-profit organization Semper Memento Inc. and is fully funded by the author. The site was founded 4-21-1999. You can view the main page for the most recent date that it was updated. If you need more than that, email me the specifics of what you need and why. Please be aware that I receive a LOT of email and have a very limited time to answer, so it may be a bit before I see it.

Do you know where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are buried?
No. Dylan was cremated. I have heard that Eric was, too. I have never heard that there were any publich markers made for them.

Can you put my in contact with... (the victims, the shooters' families, the victims' families, etc.)?
You can find links to some of their personal websites within this site, but that's about the best I can offer.

Can I quote your website?
With proper credit, sure. Knock yourself out.

What are your sources?
You can find a nearly complete listing of my resources here.

Do you have/want copies of the pictures of Eric and Dylan in the library?
Yes, I have copies. I don't need any more, thanks. I do not display them on this site because both the Harrises and Klebolds made it clear that they find the images hurtful.

Could you send me a copy of (whatever) through email/MSN/yahoo/etc.?
No. Unfortunately, I do not have time to send files to everyone who asks. I wouldn't want to send files to the last guy and not to you (or to you and not the next guy) so, to be fair I don't do it.

Where can I find..?
This site is layered -- your best bet for finding what you're looking for is either in the sitemap or by using the search tool up there to the right. There's 25 years of info stored on this website. Locating and looking at it all can take a LOT of time.

Can I use photographs from your website for my school report/documentary/news production/etc.
Yes, you may, provided your work is NOT for profit. As far as I'm aware, everything here is public domain except for the few graphics I've created to make the site distinctive -- please do not use those. Feel free to use whatever else you need. Please save the images to your own device as I've disabled hot-linking (directly linking to my images from your server/webpage).

Do you have a bigger/higher-resolution copy of (whatever) image?
If an image appears on this site, if there is a bigger or higher-quality image available, it will be linked to that smaller image. If there is no image linked, I do not have a better quality one.

What's your motivation for making/maintaining this website?
You can find my best answer to that here.

Do you think I'm weird because I find this subject interesting?
Considering I've maintained this site since 1999, I may not be the best person to ask. I wouldn't devote my personal time this subject if I thought it was weird to research it. If you're feeling isolated and unusual for your interest, you should know that I had to give up on Hit Counters for the site because the sheer amount of traffic kept breaking them. This site averages around 75,000 unique visitors a month. In April, the number is double that. You're definitely not alone.

I have some questions about the shootings/your site/etc. Do you mind if I ask?
Not at all; ask away. The only sorts of questions I don't like are ones that are asked for the sole intention to pick a fight. Intelligent conversation is always welcome. Talking about this subject may not end school violence but it might help stop some of it before it happens. I have to warn, though, I don't have a lot of time these days to answer email. It may be a while before you get a response.

Do you have copies of the Basement Tapes, the Rampart Range video, JeffCo fire department training video, etc? Will you make copies for me?
• I do not own copies of the tapes filmed in Eric's basement (known as the Basement Tapes). Jefferson County claims to have destroyed them in 2011. I have transcripts and screenshots and that's it.

• I do have Rampart Range, Hitmen for Hire, and some other video footage that I don't have on this site because A) I can link to it at other sites or B) the files are too big to host here. Eventually I will get those files uploaded someplace where you'll be able to access them. You can find Rampart Range, Hitmen for Hire, and other videos here.

• I do have hard copies (tapes) of the JeffCo Fire Dept. tape as well as some news footage and memorial footage. I do not currently make copies. You can find some media available from Jefferson County listed on the Links page.

What's your opinion about all of this?
I've had many years to come to various conclusions about what happened at Columbine. You can find them summarized here.