Columbine shooters | Videos and tapes
Surveillance Tapes and Shooters' Home Videos
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This section holds information about the various video recordings associated with the Columbine shooting. Home videos made by the shooters that police had to investigate and the media desperately wanted to be the first to leak to the public.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made several videos featuring themselves and their friends, including the infamous Hitmen for Hire. Dylan worked with the Theatre department. He and Eric were both in Audio/Visual class. This gave them access to recording equipment as well as the Rebel News Network (RNN) broadcasting station at the school. They left behind several video tapes of class projects and personal home videos. Most have been released to the public now, with one notable exception — the Basement Tapes. Jefferson County claims to have destroyed all copies in 2011.

Eric Veik, who worked on many of the video projects made by Eric and Dylan, expressed to investigators that the shooters were both very creative people. He didn't want the videos they made to be used by the media to make them seem like monsters. He was concerned the footage would be demonized and didn't want to see that happen as he considered it valid artistic expression. The videos are now widely available on the Internet. Their inclusion here is for educational purposes. No slight is meant toward him or anyone else who appears in or helped with the creation of the videos.

Where [?] appears, this information has not been officially verified. In addition to the gunmen's videos, this page is a hub to other important audio and video links.


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in Radioactive Clothing
  • Hitmen for Hire - Eric and Dylan's film project - Full video, screenshots and quotes. (Dec. 8[?], 1998)

  • Rampart Range video - Dylan and Eric test guns with Mark Manes. Full video, screenshots, and quotes. (March 6, 1999)

  • Radioactive Clothing - Video made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold for Mr. Talocco's class. Stars Klebold, Harris, and friends Eric Veik and Mike Vendegnia. Veik was also cameraman. Inspired by "Vampires" starring James Woods. Full-length video (Spring, 1999[?] - 15:24). Jefferson County Sheriff's Office evidence item 10344 tape #4

  • Dylan Klebold's daily routine - Short clip of Dylan Klebold and his friend who is taping him as they drive to Columbine High on a typical morning. Also shows Dylan at his locker in the high school. Jefferson County Sheriff's Office evidence item 10299 VHS

  • Bicycle video - Car wax advertisement video filmed outside Blackjack Pizza by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold for class. Mike Vendegnia plays the consumer. Eric and Dylan drop and throw things at the bike, ultimately demolishing it. Never finished because the teens lost interest. (Sept. 15, 1998 - 1:27)

  • Car Chase - Video made by Eric Harris, Eric Veik, and others. Filmed mostly inside a moving car, they drive all around Columbine High's parking lot. There's a clear view of the west side of the building and the stairs where the shooters later staged their attack. The video ends at Clement Park. Jefferson County Evidence Item 10344 tape #1

  • Trunk - Short clip of Dylan with a friend, acting out a scene. Seems derivative of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Jefferson County Evidence Item 1554 tape #2

  • Rebel News Network spot - Bit piece for RNN. Dylan Klebold sets fire to RNN for this piece that was run on the Rebel News Network. Erik Veik assisted.

  • Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in Hitmen for Hire
  • Basement Tapes Transcripts of the Basement Tapes. (March 15 - April 20, 1999)

  • Surveillance and Security Camera Footage - Video clips and screenshots from school surveillance cameras. (April 20, 1999)

  • Inside the Harris Home - Video footage taken inside the Harris home after they moved out.

  • Audio - Video Archive - Other videos and clips, sound clips from 911 calls, etc. having to do with Columbine

  • Other websites:
  • Jefferson County sells copies of related audio & video tapes, & other official materials.

  • In addition to what's listed above I have a few GB of additional video and audio files that I haven't posted yet. I am slowly getting them uploaded online and linked. Apologies but I can't email these files — it'd take forever to send them that way to everyone who asks.