Resources and references
Resources and References
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Below you will find a list of links leading to various pages of information about this site: The resources I've used to locate and weave together the tapestry of information I've presented, Frequently Asked Questions I see in email, contact information, and more. Please read through these pages and if you still have questions, feel free to contact me. Though I'm a busy person and can't always reply immediately, I do like to hear your thoughts, stories, and experiences. Please don't hesitate to email me because you think I might find your interest in this subject strange. As someone who's researched the event over the years since the day the shootings occurred, I understand how compelling this subject is for fellow researchers, students, teachers, those in the legal field and law enforcement officers.

You are not alone: Countless people of all ages from all over the world have contacted me through the years because of this site and its content. I'm glad for it. I get to hear about the positive things that are happening because of what people have carried away from this site. And it means people remember. Every person who remembers the people who died in this sad event ensures that, in a way, they will all live forever.

  • About this Site and Author -- How this site got started and who made it.

  • FAQ -- Frequently asked questions.

  • Author's Opinion -- Tackles the question "Why?" and what I think about the whole situation.

  • Bibliography -- Where this site got its information.

  • Links -- Helpful links to other Columbine information sites and resources.

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