Columbine High School shooting archive - On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the lives of 13 victims and their own lives

[ est. 4 21 1999 ]
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Those who were Killed at Columbine High School
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The dead. So much pain is brought by their brutal deaths. Friends, family, loved ones and acquaintances mourn the loss of these bright smiles and the personalities behind them. Even those of us who never knew them shed our tears for them. Everywhere people are impacted by this sad, sad tragedy - worldwide. Never again will mothers and fathers hug these daughters and sons, nor will grandchildren hug granddad goodnight. Never again will a sweet smile or the words 'I love you' be shared by these thirteen people. All that's left are memories, photos... and tears.

The information contained in the pages linked below is what has been made available to the public, primarily through the Columbine Report and news. If info seems a sparse in some areas, it's only because the individual's family hasn't come forward with more -- it is not due to the author's personal lack of interest in the victim or out of any disrespect toward their family. While I have had contact with some of the victims' families, I have not gone out of my way to do so as I know many of them want very much to put this tragic event behind them. If anyone related to the people below wants more added, please feel free to provide it and it will be added.

This section gives detail to the information found on the events of 4-20-1999 page and goes hand-in-hand with the stories in the pages dedicated to those who were Injured.