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Columbine Autopsy Reports
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Linked below are the clinical autospies and autopsy summaries of those who died at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. No disrespect is intended by this posting: This information is public record, and its display here is to help people better to understand the nature and viciousness of this crime.

These documents also help clarify some matters of contention, such as Brian Rohrbough's mistaken belief that his son Danny was killed by 'friendly fire'.The Rohrboughs were told at least four times (offsite link) by Lieutenant James Taylor - a Denver-area officer and a friend of the family's for 20 years - that he saw a fellow officer shoot Daniel Rohrbough, specifically naming Sergeant Dan O'Shea as the guilty party. The Rohrboughs trusted Taylor because he was a family friend before the shootings. Based on his statements, Dan's parents filed a suit against Jefferson County in 2001. The family recorded one such statement, which was later used as evidence in a lawsuit the Rohrboughs filed against Lt. Taylor when, under investigation, he claimed not to have told them this.

Intense scrutiny and independent investigation in 2002 by the El Paso County Sheriff's Department determined that Danny's fatal wounds were from Eric's weapon, different from JeffCo's ruling that it was Dylan's shots that killed him. According to the investigation, Sergeant O'Shea wasn't even on the side of the school that Danny was on, arriving a half hour after Danny was already dead. In 2003, the Rohrboughs filed suit against Lt. James Taylor for defamation, negligence and outrageous conduct. Taylor finally admitted in court to making the whole story up. He never disclosed why.

Columbine Autopsy Reports