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Those who were injured during the Columbine shootings

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In addition too the victims that were killed, twenty-four more were injured, many of them quite seriously. This page is devoted to the victims who were hurt during the shootings and managed to survive. The information presented here is what's been made available to the public primarily through the Columbine Report and news interviews with the victims. If info seems a bit lacking in areas, it's because the individual hasn't had much press coverage; it is not due to my personal lack of interest in the victim or out of any disrespect. Quite the contrary. I have chosen not to attempt to contact the victims directly in the interest of allowing them to continue with their lives without one more person questioning them about a tragic event that they may wish to put behind them.

Victims have been organized by the medical facility they were taken to following the shootings. To see events in a chronological order, see: Events of 4-20-1999. This section goes hand-in-hand with the stories that appear on the page dedicated to the Deceased.

Names contained within brackets [ ] indicate the victim didn't know the person but subsequent investigation has provided the identity of the individual.

KUSA broadcasts news of the shootings on 04-20-1999 KUSA broadcasts news of the shootings on 04-20-1999