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Eric Harris' AOL User Profiles

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Below you can see screenshots of AOL profiles for Eric Harris (Reb). You can also see the text-only version of the profiles if you're having trouble reading them. Unfortunately virtual data breaks down over the years and the quality of these screenshots has deteriorated over the years. The profiles created quite a stir

Rebldomakr AOL profile of Eric Harris

Rebdomine AOL profile of Eric Harris

Rebdoomer AOL profile of Eric Harris

You can see this WBS chat profile for RebTheJuvey as well. WBS used to be a big web-based chat network but was bought out by the Go Network in early 2001. When it was still WBS, Eric had a couple of webpages hosted through them that got a lot of media attention. You can find those linked to the index of Eric's websites. I captured the HTML for posterity before it disappeared.

The following profiles have been debunked as fake though they surfaced in the media immediately following the shootings and were mistakenly initially reported as belonging to Eric. There was also an ICQ profile posted in Eric's name and one for Dylan as well that surfaced a few months after the shootings. These profiles were proven to be fakes and were later erased by ICQ. I've included them here to illustrate how the shootings affected the mainstream internet and how copycats and pretenders surfaced in websites and IM circles. Several people cropped up claiming to be the shooters, friends or girlfriends of theirs, or family members. Some claimed to have known the victims but got fundamental information about them wrong, such as one person who wrote to tell me about their "best friend Isaiah Shoels - I called her Issy" (Isaiah was a guy). The hub-bub has died down considerably since then but every now and again I see someone pop up with claims of being someone they're not, in order to nab a little of Columbine's attention. It's interesting how some folks who relate to a tragedy feel the need to pretend to actually have been a part of it.

Shootjocks AOL profile LCaress AOL profile

Ben Cardenes, who lived in Colorado at the time of the shootings and attended LHS, created fake AOL profiles (shown below) at the time the massacre was all over the news. As he explained later the idea was a joke to promote his site, capitalizing on the media sensation surrounding Eric Harris' internet-based hit list. Here's what his site said on Wednesday, April 21:

"I play baseball and Hockey, and am the leader of a small mafia consisting of me and about 30 of my friends."

One page of the site, called "The Hit List," names several people, including a substitute teacher, calling her "the meanest damn sub around."

The site's authors later admitted in print on the site, "This page was made by Ben and Dave as a joke...Nothing hear [sic] is to be taken seriously, unless you are crazy."

Here's a screenshot of the site as it read before:

...and after the media got a hold of it and went nuts over the fear of another shooting in the works:

The site ( was later shut down by the webhost.

Ben's AOL profiles

King Ben C AOL profile Don Bennie AOL profile

Not sure who this really was but it was another of the profiles that was initially thought to be related to the shootings but was later debunked as a fake.

RHumph301 AOL profile