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The following links are a collection of Columbine resources, including URLs for the school website, Jefferson County, news articles, and more. This section is in need of an overhaul and likely has several broken links. Eventually, this will become a storage repository for archived links that are no longer available at their host sites.

The author of this site is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any 3rd party information linked here.

School and Law Enforcement

  • Columbine High School
  • Leawood Elementary
  • Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

  • Columbine News and Media Coverage

  • This site's sources

  • Jefferson County - Columbine High School Materials Released
    The official place to get copies of everything they've released to the public pretty much, from reports to videos to CDs.

  • Alpine Media Duplication Columbine Materials
    Authorized by JeffCo to supply copies of official information.
    I have not bought from them so cannot vouch for them personally.

  • Columbine Report
    The Columbine Report arranged by CNN in an easy-to-follow website format.

  • Inside the Columbine High investigation

  • TruTV Crime Library
    Covers the Columbine shootings.

  • Slashdot: Voices from the Hellmouth
    The News for 'Geeks' speaks out.

  • The Drudge Report covers the Littleton Tragedy
    Excerpts from the site's outrageous postings back in April 1999. A fine example of the misinformation and rumors that ran unchecked at the time.

  • Deja News forum post: Columbine HS, The Gay Alamo
    Fake post that caused suspicion (and an FBI investigation) after the Drudge Report touted it as being legitimate. Many news agencies accepted it as gospel and ran reports supporting this nonsense for a short time. The rumor was thoroughly investigated and was debunked as a hoax weeks later. Deja News was bought by Google in 2001 so the original post is gone but you can see a copy I saved at the link above.

  • 20\20 Goth Movement
    ABC wrongly tried to shift the horror of Columbine onto goths and the goth movement.

  • 20\20 Town of Tears
    Funerals for the victims are underway.

  • 20\20 Warning Signs Emerge

  • BBC News | Americas | Denver killings: Special report

  • BBC News | Americas | Timetable of terror

  • 10 Years Later, the Myths Debunked
    USA Today addresses the hoard of rumors and false stories from the early days following the shootings.

  • Personal Sites and Tributes
    Victims' specific memorial sites can be found on the memorial to the deceased page.
  • Columbine Memorial
    Dedicated to making a permanent memorial to the victims.

  • The Inscriptions
    Read the inscriptions at the Columbine Memorial, courtesy of the Denver Post.

  • HOPE Columbine
    Organization founded by families of victims killed at Columbine High. They were responsible for Columbine's new library being built.

  •'s primary contributer of articles about the Columbine shootings.

  • The Littleton Tragedy, a Latin American Perception
    By Prof. Jorge Zapp. This is a very interesting essay written by the professor. He sent it to me about a month or so after the shootings.