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Site References

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Site written and maintained by C Shepard.

Some images, clips, quotes, and other media items courtesy of the following:

• 60 Minutes II (now offline)
• friends of Pat Ireland
• WBS (now offline)

I've included this bibliography for students, law enforcement, teachers and researches who want or need to trace my sources. I try my best to maintain a valid, informative site. I've spent the past years verifying the information presented here with people who were on the scene and who knew the people who were involved. To the best of my knowledge, what's offered here is accurate and factual. In addition to the resources listed above, you can find information-specific links and personal pages (memorials and victims' family sites) on the Links page.

Other sources I've tapped in the past include a vast number of individuals, many of whom are only known to me through screen names. Thanks for all the files and photos you've sent, information and personal stories shared, kudos and complaints and all the rest. I'd also like to acknowledge everyone who wrote me to correct facts; the families of those involved; Soupfreak for the webpage he enthusiastically built and info-traded from; all the websites out there who also shared their info freely; Tiger Girl for being there on 4-20 and giving constant feedback during the early days of the site's development; everyone who's written to support this endeavor and most of all my family for all the hours of my time they sacrificed in order for this site to become the information repository it is today.

If you know of someone I've overlooked who should be on this page, please email me and let me know.