Columbine High School
Columbine High School
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Columbine High School banner
Banner that once headed Columbine's school webpage (offsite link). This image looks to be the inspiration for an image Eric Harris made
for his own webpage, seen here. The Columbine banner is no longer hosted at Columbine High School's present-day site.

Columbine High School - named after Colorado's state flower - underwent a $15 million dollar makeover in 1995. An opening ceremony in August of that year welcomed Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and the rest of the student body to a brand new cafeteria, student entrance, and hallways. It was the first facelift Columbine had since the 1970's.

Less than four years later the school would need another costly renovation to repair to the damages inflicted upon it on April 20, 1999. Below you can find photos and information about the school before, during, and after the tragic shootings.

Outside the school
Photos from 4-20-1999 and the days following the tragedy.
Caution: Graphic content.

Event maps
Maps of what happened in and around Columbine High School.

Surveillance tapes
Security footage of Columbine's cafeteria during the attack.

Damage to Columbine High after the rampage.

Repairing and Remodeling
Necessary repairs and renovations to the high school. Includes photos of the new cafeteria.

New library
Photos and info about Columbine's HOPE memorial library.

Following Columbine over the years since the tragedy.

Columbine's mascot then and now
The Rebel used to carry a gun...

Class of 2002
The last graduating class of students who were present during the shootings.

Columbine High School address: 6201 S. Pierce Street, Littleton, CO 80123
Columbine's official website: (offsite link)

Columbine's principal during the time of the shootings was Frank DeAngelis. He retired (offsite link) in 2015.

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