You can now log onto the site and download news video files from 4-20-1999 and the days immediately following. These are the same videos that I offered to folks who donate to the site. They will no longer be available as a gift option now that the files can be downloaded. They are zipped up so you'll need to unzip them to view them.

Login info:
Host Name: ftp.acolumbinesite.com
User ID: visitor@acolumbinesite.com
Password: Columbine420


I've finally got an FTP location up and running. I'm currently in the process of uploading all of the news videos I've converted. Once I've gotten everything moved over I'll let you guys have access to it all. Should be up within the next couple of weeks. The files are huge though so it's taking time to upload them.


The site overhaul is finished, for the most part. The new design is live and site-wide now anyway. I developed it because I noticed that on mobile it was kind of hard to read. Hopefully this new look will be easier on your eyes if you're on a mobile screen but it should also scale up if you're on a full sized screen. There are bound to be a few broken links and images. I'll be fine-toothing the site over the weekend to chase these loose ends down.

Those of you who've been here a lot will notice there are some other changes as well. I've added more info to some of the sections and uploaded better quality photos. Made some images bigger, changed the layout of some areas. The search tool has moved to the top right up there and there's a boodle of site-specific links way down at the bottom now.


Site redesign is making steady progress. Soon I hope to have the site converted over to this new layout. Putting it together has been sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Had to learn some new coding skills to make it cross-platform.