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Eric Harris Website addresses

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This website started and largely remains a place to stick all the obscure Columbine-related material I've come across as I've researched the incident. Because I've been hosting and building this site since 1999, I've had some pretty off-beat things turn up. This page fits that description. I had a reader ask me once if I knew any of Eric Harris' old website addresses. It happens that I do -- as an information packrat I saved almost every URL (web address) of everything I found of his online or in the Columbine Report. At the time the reader asked, these URLs were scattered in a variety of different places, mostly contained in the comments of the HTML documents I made relating to them. The email motivated me to put together a more comprehensive list. So here it is, a list of Eric "REB" Harris' websites, annotated as best as I could manage. Bear in mind that Eric Harris is dead and his accounts were all deactivated, many for as much as 10 years after his death. Some of the websites don't exist anymore. But they all did, once.
This page was the first one shown on the news and was falsely reported as the "Trenchcoat Mafia's page" (hence the html name below). Contains lyrics from KMFDM's songs "Waste" and "Son of a Gun". Links to AOL rebdomine at bottom.
See it here
Reb's Latin logo that gained a lot of attention. Translated, means 'If you want peace, prepare for war.' /
This is the general location of WBS profiles. I don't have the exact URL for Eric's page but I did save the HTML.
See it here -- Lyrics of KMFDM's song "Power". Links to AOL rebdomine at bottom.
See it here -- "Rebel News" website where Eric talks about the tests he and VoDkA are doing with pipe bombs and his Quake clan.
(Mirror of the actual site directory: See it here -- the FBI had already forced AOL to remove all of the HTML files by the time I got there but the other files were still there.) -- Pipe bomb and Quake clan update.
See it here

Other rebdoomer pages:
Mission page 1)
[I'm still searching for page 2...]
Mission page 3
Mission page 4

A couple of pages I made to host the images, wads and other files from rebdoomer here for ease of viewing:
DOOM II and Eric's Graphics
Reb's "You know what I hate?!?!!?!" rants. Includes the rant where Eric posts Brooks Brown's address and phone # along with encouraging people to attack him.
See it here
Eric's blog where he kept his hateful rants. It's also where he had the news-notorious "thebook.doc" which contained (faulty) instructions on how to make napalm and bombs.
(See what was left of the directory after the FBI got done with the site here)
More of Reb's ranting
See it here
Reb's "philosophy" on life and society.
See part 1 and part 2
Another of Reb's Doom/Quake sites.

Screenshots of Eric's AOL profiles (as well as a couple of fakes that cropped up after the shootings, noted as such)