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Eric Harris Doom Wads screenshots

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I've checked out all of the wads Eric (Reb) made that I've been able to find (available for download here). I used Doom 95 with a Doom2.wad, on Windows 98. I played UAC Labs many times and never beat it: I didn't used cheats and without them, it's virtually impossible to defeat the hordes of enemies Eric throws at you. While touring them, I took some screenshots of the deathmatch levels that Eric created. You can find links to each wad's screenshot pages below.

> Bricks
> Station
> UAC Labs - mirror of someone else's now-defunct site

I've also uploaded 2 sound files from the levels Eric made. You can find them on the Audio and Video page.

Techout - wad by Eric Harris that hasn't surfaced
Thrasher - another wad by Eric Harris that hasn't been found