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Eric Harris's Website Content

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The inset page is NOT a copy of Eric's original webpage. AOL erased all of the HTML files in the directories of his websites after the FBI got done with them and before the news got wind of the sites. I was only able to save the images and zip files, which they hadn't yet deleted at the time. I did capture the directory structures but the web pages themselves (including his Quake clan info and hit list) are gone. Originally I set up a page to display the material I saved, formatting it in a fashion similar to Eric's WBS pages to tie it all together. This confused some readers, who thought they were looking at an actual copy of the site, and it has since been mirrored on other websites saying it's Eric's actual web page. To try to combat the confusion I've rearranged the content and compacted it to fit inside the larger layout of this site. Websites claiming to have copies of Eric's site are incorrect; that information is gone forever.

Pic of the Week

Notice the similarity with the old Columbine High banner (salvaged from Columbine's site before they changed it).


Rebel Wisdom

Si vis pacem, para bellum - if you want peace, prepare for war

Si vis pacem, para bellum - if you want peace, prepare for war
One of Reb's personal mottos that he turned into a graphic