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REB's Doom and Quake

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The inset page is NOT a copy of Eric Harris' original webpage. AOL erased all of the HTML files in the directories of his websites after the FBI downloaded them for investigation, before anyone could make copies (the 'net was a lot slower back then). I was only able to save the images and zip files, though I missed a few of those before AOL deleted them as well. I did capture the directory structures of a couple of his sites, but the web pages themselves (including his Quake clan info and "hit list") are gone. Originally I set up a page to display the material I saved, formatting it in a fashion similar to Eric's actual WBS pages to tie the info together. This confused some readers who thought they were looking at a copy of the site and some folks mirrored it on other websites saying it is Eric's actual web page but it isn't.

Download Reb's Doom II Wads

Doom skull graphic

Eric Harris never wanted his wads distributed over the 'net by others. He wanted sole control over distribution of the stuff he created and he said as much in the ReadMe text files he included with the levels he made. You can't exactly IM him asking for one these days due to his being dead, so I have no reservations about putting them on this page for the curious who want to download them. To play them you will need a Doom.wad or a Doom2.wad, files that are installed alongside Doom / Doom 2. I've played these levels with Doom 95 and a Doom2.wad, on Windows 98. I have not tried it on later versions so I can't say whether they will work right on modern computers.

>> Listen to sound clips from Reb's Doom wads. <<

Deathmatch in Bricks wad by Eric Harris
Deathmatch in bricks - Get it here
View screenshots I took of this level

Mortal Kombat Doom wad by Eric Harris
Mortal Kombat Doom - Get it here
Hockey wad by Eric Harris
Hockey - Get it here
KILLER wad by Eric Harris
KILLER - Get it here

Station - Get it here
View screenshots I took of this level
UAC LABS wad by Eric Harris
UAC LABS - Eric's latest-dated wad file. Get it here
See a mirror of this graphic walk-thru of UAC Labs

Realdoom was Eric's Doom patch. The above picture is one I scrounged out of Eric's website directory before it was pulled down, titled 'realdeth.gif'. As far as I'm aware there isn't a screenshot of Realdoom per se but as the image was in the same directory as his wad and screenshot files when I saved them, I thought I'd stick it here for sake of reference.

According to the text file from UACLABS.wad, Eric also made up to 11 wads but the ones above are the only legitimate ones I've come across, which I downloaded from his website before it deleted. Files that I didn't manage to get include, Tier, Techout and Thrasher. You can see screenshots from the levels here.


Quake files

Eric's Quake group's logo
(scaled down - click for full-size)


Check out the readme file for a Quake level Reb made. Here you can see some miscellaneous graphics in no particular order, scrounged from a directory the FBI had already deleted the actual webpages from, so I had to improvise. You can also see some links to places Eric made link graphics for -- again, improvised as the HTML code was missing.


get it here

Meddle15 -- Quake Editor
get it here