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Dylan Klebold's Journal

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[Sometime between 7-23-97 and 9-5-97 Dylan suddenly found "true love". I can't help wondering if this sudden surge of passion was spawned from the fact that his last journal was all about how his friend had abandoned him in favor of spending time with a girl... and how much the last entry had to do with envying his friend as well as missing him. The emotion in the following and subsequent entries seems theatric, giddy, and ultimately unfulfilled as he never actually professes this deep and sudden love to the girl he claims to want so much. It's almost like he picked someone at random to act out a crush on, to compensate for the fact that his friend has a girlfriend and he doesn't.]

My 1st Love???

OH My God..... I am almost sure I am in love... w. [edited]. Hehehe... such asta a strange name, like mine... Yet everything about her I love. From her good body to her almost perfect face, her charm, her wit, & cunning, her NOT Being popular, Her friends (who I know) -some - I just hope she likes me as much as I L LOE Her. I think of her every second of every day, I want to be with her, I imagine me & her doing things together, the sound of her laugh, I picture her face, I love her. If solmates soulmates exist, then I think I've found one mine. I hope she likes Techno.... :-)

[Edited], I love you,

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