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Free Columbine CDsThanks for your interest in helping this site. Keeping it online is not free. There are monthly and yearly expenses the site has such as hosting, tools like the Search feature, securing the domain name and more. With a large family to support and times being what they are economically, I don't have much "disposable income". If it weren't for donor support, I wouldn't be able to afford this site alone. Your support keeps this site online and free for everyone in the world to use and learn from.

Over the years I've had help paying for this site thanks to generous people who've donated their hard-earned money because they, like me, believe this site should be a public resourcewhere everyone can learn about what happened. As a way to thank individuals who covered the site's monthly costs in a single donation I started sending out copies of the website on CD. For folks who were especially generous (important when it comes to the annual renewal items) I threw in copies of my unsorted archives: Stuff that is relevant to the Columbine shootings but, due to time constraints, hasn't made it onto the live site yet. I've been researching Columbine since 1999 so I've accumulated a lot of stuff.

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